About Envision Video Services

Top quality video and editing services set Envision apart.

Our team operates in a collaborative, family-like atmosphere and we are always responsive to our customers requests. Owner Peter Gallo started Envision Video Services out of his home in 2005 and built it into the empire it is today. Those humble beginnings are woven into the fabric of the business, as the staff is as professional, polite, and courteous as one can find.

At Envision, we offer video production services that dazzle audiences. Whether you’re looking to showcase your products, tell a story, or create a training program, Envision can service your requests. We offer all the video production services you need under one roof, including video taping, editing, and digital file authoring.


Pete Gallo

Owner & Director of Video Production Services

Envision’s growth is a direct result of the passion, hard-work, and dedication that Peter exhibits in growing the business. With the help of long-time friend and current Office Manager Linda Lyon, Envision quickly became a favorite video production studio to locals in and around New Jersey.

Today, Envision operates in a state-of-the-art studio and produces award winning videos while still possessing the charm and personable atmosphere it was founded on.

  • Linda Lyon

    Office Manager & Head of Customer Service

  • Charlie Hickey

    Editor, Videographer & Audio Specialist

  • Kevin Lam

    Senior Graphic Designer

  • Ramon Ortiz

    Editor & Videographer

  • Bob Vaughn

    Transfer Technician, Videographer & Customer Service

  • Ken Ziobro

    Senior Film Technician